Friday, October 26, 2007

Jayvee and Markku wears Royal Elastics - I need to have one:)

I was having dinner with my colleagues last night - JUNE, CHARL, MIKO, NIX, SARA, AND PAUL - (Oct. 25) and there was a dinner for bloggers for trying out the Yakiniku grill at Yurakuen, Diamond Hotel. I saw my friends there like Jayvee (, Markku (and "Pangga" -, Annalyn (, Noemi (, Juned ( , Rico (fool45), Sasha Manuel (Style Manila). Their dinner just finished at ten pm and I hanged out with them. I noticed that MARKKU AND JAYVEE were wearing ROYAL cool.. they love it...per Jayvee, it's too comfortable, as in you can wear it all day, and take note, NO SHOELACES - I hate shoelaces , it's tooo hassle to put on a rubber shoes with laces - I don't want my shoelaces getting stucked in an escalator. I want my rubber shoes to be a slipped on shoes . For everybody's information, Royal Elastics is the brand who introduced Harajuku - have you seen Gwen Stefani shoes? I need to have at least a pair of Royal Elastics..I need a COMFORTABLE royal...

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