Friday, September 26, 2008

Delivering Miguel

Weeks before my EDC (expected date of contraction), i experienced pre term labor. My OB asked me to take complete bed rest for a week . After a week, i returned to work. I was scheduled for my weekly OB check up, but pre-term contraction was consistent, it was hard for me to sleep and walk:( It was August 5, i decided to take a leave after my OB told me that i will be giving birth anytime soon. I was monitoring contractions then. First day (Aug. 5), labor pains were tolerable till the next day. August 6, I had contractions every 5 minutes but pain was still tolerable. I texted my OB and she advised me to go to the hospital so she can monitor. 930pm - My OB said my cervix is just 2cm open, so she gave me a shot to induce the contraction. at 1030pm, I was admitted. My doctor was asking my previous deliveries, I said "i gave birth twice easily, i never had instances like "My water bag broke" because my OB induced it." So,my OB prepared for my delivery. Water has been induced and I was transferred to another room and they put the monitoring belt around my belly to check my baby's heart beat. First check, my OB's assistant was having a difficulty determining the number of heartbeats, then he fix the strap around my belly to check again.. then I worried as he went out to call the doctor..My OB and another doctor came to me and asked if it's okay for me to have a C operation. I asked them why, they did not aswer me yet. they had me sign waiver and asked the nurse to call my husband. Then my OB approached me, my baby's heartbeat was so low (50beats/min), minimum should be 120. At that time, my husband, Marlon, were settling the downpayment for a normal delivery, he was not aware that i will be having a C operation. While the doctors were transferring me to the operating room, my OB told me that she cannot wait for my husband as she needs to save the baby...Oh God!,,this is serious...i was really nervous body was trembling in fear. Inside the operating room, there were ten people attending to me..they put a cover betweenmy body and face...had 2 epidural shots.. the first shot did not make me numb at all..i saw my OBs face staring at me and saying to the anesthesiologist to do it fast as she is worried about the baby...after 5 minutes, the operation was done..there was a gap before my baby Miguel cried..i was really afraid then...when i heard his crying voice, i said " Thank You po, thank you for saving him" and i cried when the nurse showed him to me...I can't believe it..I almost lost him.. I was waiting for a baby boy for a long time..after that i thank everyone in the room for saving my baby, even the guy attendant..I thank my OB for acting fast.

I woke up at 4am, i was still in recovery room. I asked the nurse to call Marlon. I cried again when Marlon came in. He showed me Miguel's photo from his phone...I had no voice then,so i just whispered to Marlon, how was the baby? he said Miguel is okay..

It was 8am that the nurse brought in Miguel to recovery room to latch.. I'm still in pain but i tried to breastfeed him and look at him..i said to myself.."I love you baby, I'm very happy to have you"...

When i was transferred to my room, Marlon shared that he cried when he knew that i was having C operation..he was afraid, and he didn't have anyone to share his fears that time. he even wanted to talk to the cigarette vendor, he was crying alone.

We waited to have a baby boy since then...the moment i knew that am having a baby boy, my husband and I was really very excited. But my experience of delivering him made me realize that anything can happen when giving birth..i thought it was just so easy because of previous deliveries i experienced.

I am very thankful that GOD gave me a healthy baby boy...I could not ask for more....this is realy what i was asking for..and HE gave it to me...God is so Good...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bratpack's Back-to-School Child

You know how they say the first week of school can determine your child's future? Well, with the right kind of bag it’s true.

Monday's child is fair of face
ACE Progrès knows that women nowadays are more than just a pretty face. That's why taking ACE's experience in function and durability, Progrès has been redesigned with the active, professional and style conscious women in mind. The Progrès line of bags that ranges from soft bags to trolley bags are a balance of fashionable elegance and safety plus reliability for women who are beautiful inside and out.

Tuesday's child is full of grace
Harmony, peace, and balance are elements, which are necessary to achieve a kind of dignity and grace that only the passing of time can yield. Using refined detailing that’s sober and elegant, Hedgren bags are fashionable but not to an excess. The Belgian brand's designs evoke a deep, multi-dimensional quality, that stands the test of time - being in fashion even after more than five years – against pervasively slick, saccharine and corporate style of bags.

Wednesday's child will fear no foe
In order to succeed in the game of life, you have to be willing to make bold and brave decisions. Rob Honeycutt, a bicycle messenger in San Francisco, spent his last $200 on a used Singer sewing machine, some fabric and buckles and came up with what is now known as one of the most successful messenger bag line – Timbuk2.

Thursday's child has far to go
“As I see it, here’s the bottom line. You and I have two choices when it comes to doing things: innovation or imitation. Yes, to imitate what the competition is doing carries fewer risks. But I believe the innovator is the one who will reap the rewards if he takes the more difficult path,” says Co-founder and Vice President of Global Public Relations for JanSport Skip Yowell whose unending perseverance has taken JanSport from a small business operating in a two-story transmission shop in Seattle to a 212, 000 square foot international company that sells several millions of backpack a year making it a certified international business and cultural phenomenon.

Friday's child is loving and giving
Spanish brand Vaho embodies the values of loving and giving, first, in their re-use of advertising banners to come up with bag designs that are environmentally friendly which they refer to as Trashion.

Saturday's child works hard for a living
Swiss brand Victorinox knows that you have to be tough as nails to survive the everyday grind. Starting out as a knife manufacturer the company exclusively supplies knives for the Swiss Army, Victorinox proved tough enough to branch out to manufacturing travel gear.

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe and happy in every way
The Sherpani creed of Breathe. Give. Stretch. Go. could very well be the answer to living a happy life:
• Breathe in and enjoy every moment.
• Take every opportunity to share your blessings and give something back.
• Stretch yourself mentally and physically to achieve balance and well-being.
• And above all else never stop moving.

Bratpack is a member of the Primer Group that carries global brands that makes for a practical and personal billboard of expression for urban dwellers, promoted through collaborations with the indie art and music scenes' finest. Inspire. Interpret. Express. For inquiries email or visit their website at and Bratpack has branches at Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, SM Cagayan de Oro, SM Davao, SM The Block, SM Pampanga, SM Southmall and Ayala Cebu .

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Confirmed, I'm having a baby BOY!!!

This is really exciting, am having a baby boy..My girsl are so happy and of course, Marlon is so happy. At last, we 'll have another man in the so excited to see him...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Expo Mom: A Discovery Expo for Moms and Their Families

EXPO MOM: A Discovery Expo for Moms and Their Families

Moms, bring out your pens and mark the 17th of May on your calendars.

It’s going to be a day of mommy discoveries all under one roof at EXPO MOM, THE mom event to be at this 2008.
To be held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati, EXPO MOM will feature everything that moms would need and want for herself, for her child and for her family. Interactive booths and activities will allow expo visitors to discover what’s new for moms in the market today: products and services that are mom-targeted. child-focused, parenting-related, and family-oriented.

The expo will also feature some of Manila’s best preschools the most fun party planners, interesting classes for kids, top consumer moms and kids brands, and a lot more. You can also head to the mom resources center for new insights on pregnancy and lamaze, breastfeeding, support group information, even services for special needs children.
At the Moms Mean Business! section, Expo Mom pays tribute to mompreneurs (mom entrepreneurs) by showcasing products and services which were inspired by motherhood itself. A special sale of these usually home-based enterprises will truly be something to watch out for at Expo Mom.

EXPO MOM was conceptualized with moms in mind, where moms will be inspired to enjoy the experience of motherhood to its fullest.

For information log on to or call 780.9898/ 09189300313.
This special event is brought to you by: MOMMY MATTERS, the leading brand of breastfeeding apparel in the country and Rome Kanapi and Lin Fernando of the Philippine Association of Childbirth Education (PACE) with support from Johnson & Johnson’s Top to Toe, Stemcord, Cerelac Gold, and

Columbia Sportswear: The Wonders of Fabric Science

The Wonders of Fabric Science: The Ultimate Shade

Sunscreen now comes with collars and buttons.

No, manufacturers haven’t suddenly come up with a bizarre way to package this summer staple; instead, fabric scientists from Columbia Sportswear has come up with a way to infuse the UV protection of sunscreen into the very fiber of the T-shirt via the Omni –Shade ™ feature.

Being one step ahead of other outdoor apparel manufacturers, Columbia Sportswear realizes the impact that the oppressive summer heat can have on the performance of even the most enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast. This is why they have engineered the Omni-Shade™ feature in their Summer Collection.

While still crafted within the paradigm of toughness and quality that Columbia Sportswear has been renowned for worldwide, the Omni-Shade ™ feature is distinguished by the mark ASTM 6603-00, assuring compliance with rigid international standards on UV protective textiles. So whether it’s for hiking, jogging or mountain climbing, this line of clothing has a UV protection intensity that’s just right – from “Good” (UPF 15-24), “Very Good” (UPF 25-39) to “Excellent” (UPF 40 or above). Meanwhile, people need not worry that the Omni-Shade TM would make them wilt under the heat as its finely woven fabrics and finishes all come together to still ensure maximum wearability.

Through this revolutionary fabric technology infused in Columbia Sportswear’s Summer Collection featuring The Titanium Series, wearers are not only sunscreened; but also guaranteed topnotch performance even during the hottest time of the year.

Founded in 1938 in Portland, Ore., Columbia Sportswear Company is a global leader in the design, sourcing, marketing and distribution of active outdoor apparel and footwear. As one of the largest outerwear brands in the world, the Company has developed an international reputation for quality, performance and value. To learn more about Columbia Sportswear and its products, please visit our website at or any of the following Columbia Sportswear branches: Gateway Mall, The Podium, Festival Mall, Lim Ket Kai Mall, Mall of Asia, The Block and SM Megamall. ###

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Many Faces of Candy:
A Delectable Display of Candy Corner Creations

Candy can be so much than a kiddie treat—that is, if you take it seriously.

And for the country’s leading confectionery, candy is definitely a serious business: Candy Corner is hosting a banquet in Le Soufflé Rockwell Club to showcase candy creations inspired by Jelly Belly beans, the world’s #1 gourmet jelly bean. Ms. Bubu Andres, queen of the confectionery kingdom Candy Corner, is hosting the event where attendees toast with Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails, eat desserts inspired by true-to-life Jelly Belly flavors, and admire the edible table masterpieces bursting with color and texture.

“Candy Corner sees Jelly Belly as center-filled chewy candies that can be enjoyed by both children and adults,” says Bubu. “With a touch of creativity and imagination, they can be consumed in so many interesting ways—chewed as candy, drank as cocktail drinks, mixed with dessert recipes, and even displayed as edible table arrangements.”

Cool Mocktails and Cocktails
The candy-filled event begins with an assortment of Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails, sophisticated concoctions that give a sweet prelude of what’s more to come. Mocktails (non-alcoholic) flavors include Pineapple Banana Mocktail, Apple Cinnamon Mocktail, and Not a Piñacolada Mocktail. Meanwhile, Cocktails (alcoholic) are available in flavors like Berry Cosmopolitan, Gin Kiwi Watermelon, and Absolute Citron with Cantaloupe. Both Mocktails and Cocktails rival the most popular drinks in the metro’s party scene.

Candy Corner tapped the expertise of Ms. Lilli Anne Alcantara, Beverage Trainor and Mixologist of Cellar Dwellers, a group specializing in drink mixes, to create Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails that offer grown-ups a sweet twist to enjoying happy hour.

Delectable Designs and Decors
After enjoying the intoxicating flavors of Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails, guests are then ushered into a room adorned by colorful table accents made from Jelly Belly beans. These edible masterpieces are creations by Teddy Manuel, designer and stylist for Flowers & Events, who appreciates the novel potential of using candies as material for designing their décor.
“I am thrilled by the vision of Bubu Andres in using Jelly Belly as a table décor material,” admits Teddy. “The jelly beans come in a variety of colors and are quite easy on the eyes. Also, their small size is just right for making elaborate shapes and designs.”

The edible creations of Teddy are appropriate for many occasions—a children’s party, book launch, bridal shower, or even a wedding for couples who are young at heart. But for this event, they served as accents to a lavish banquet.

Upon close inspection, guests saw the craftsmanship in the décor pieces which were made of jelly belly candies. “Some of the table centerpieces can be made at home with some patience and, of course, a liking for yummy jelly beans,” says Teddy.

Saccharine Desserts and Sweet Mementos
A sumptuous meal deserves nothing less than a sweet culmination. Candy Corner pairs the Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails with sumptuous desserts by Ms. Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto, Owner of Classic Confections. It allows guests to appreciate Jelly Belly desserts as a sugary finale to their meal. The dessert lineup includes cookies and cupcakes, which can bring any kind of celebration in full circle.

After an event, Jelly Belly beans can also serve as excellent party favors. They can be given out as souvenirs after parties, weddings, debuts, birthday bashes, and other special occasions. Friends and family who receive these Jelly Belly giveaways will find them adorable, sweet mementos that should be cherished for a long time.

A Sweeter World with Candy Corner
“By staging this event, we at Candy Corner stay true to our mantra of taking candies as serious business. From staple sweet munchies, we believe that we can elevate the status of Jelly Belly to a relevant confection for the most intimate occasions and the most festive gatherings,” notes Bubu.

Through its innovative showcase of Jelly Belly candy creations, Candy Corner is dispelling the notion that candy is just for kids. Because in fact, candies like Jelly Belly offer adults a delightful way to experience life—one filled with vibrant colors and sugary delight.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, the world’s #1 gourmet jelly beans are available at Candy Corner. Candy Corner outlets can be found in malls nationwide. For more information, you may call 632-7741, email at, or visit

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Delifrance: Eat to love, love to eat

Eat to Love, Love to Eat

Casanova is said to have braced himself with oysters and a cup of chocolate before venturing into a lady's boudoir.

The Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 glasses of honey-sweetened chocolate each day to sustain his virility.

Early American settlers—their Puritan heritage notwithstanding—consumed dandelion weed to cure impotence.

Throughout the centuries, food and drink have been used to enhance a person's allure, increase fertility and improve vitality. Today, evidence that this practice is still followed is shown by star-crossed lovers who wittingly or unwittingly treat themselves to decadent aphrodisiacs.

And for amorous souls and food connoisseurs alike, the selection of treats from Delifrance--the premiere European styled café in the region are especially designed to ignite love this Valentines season with their Valentines offering.

Take the Delifrance Flaming Choco Lava Cake, aptly named by virtue of the chocolate which deliciously trickles through when cut. While a definitive treat to all sweet-tooths, the chocolate in this cake is said to contain phenylethylamine – the substance in the brain which according to psychiatrist Michael Liebowitz “stimulates romance and goes up when we meet the right person.” Aside from igniting romance, the Flaming Choco Lava Cake is all fired up once served—literally.

To temper the decadent sweetness of this tempting dessert, Delifrance also ushers in the savory infusion of flavors from the Pomodoro Angel Hair. The spices used in the making of this dish, most notably garlic and basil, have a reputation to “ignite the passions” with its high protein and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) component. Of course, these spices when combined with special angel hair pasta, tomatoes, olive oil and other spices come together to produce a delicious epicurean treat.

Just like all Delifrance products, the Flaming Choco Lava Cake and Pomodoro Angel Hair are made with a lot of loving. Both are delicately prepared and made only from the freshest ingredients and premium flour – definitely ingrained within the tradition of quality that Delifrance has been recognized for the whole world over.

With these treats from Delifrance, the age-old adage “the way to love is through the stomach” might just be affirmed once again.

For questions and inquiries, please contact the Main Office at 642-0021. Visit Delifrance branches at AIM Conference Center, Greenbelt, Insular Life Bldg, RCBC Plaza, SM Makati, Ayala Tower 1, Valero Makati, Zeta Building Legazpi Village Makati, Robinsons Ermita, Festival Supermall, Alabang Town Center, Shell Southbound, Shell Northbound, SM Mall of Asia, The Podium, C5 Libis, St. Luke's, and Greenhills Theater Mall.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Encounter with my new life:)

Am sharing my first encounter with my he is...10 weeks and 6 days old. 3.9 mm with 168 beats per minute.

Monday, January 7, 2008

All About LIfe bears a NEW LIFE!!!

Yup, I am pregnant..for the 3rd time:)this is it.. been planning to get pregnant early last year...everyone's excited and very supportive...and hoping that it's gonna be a baby BOY...