Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Many Faces of Candy:
A Delectable Display of Candy Corner Creations

Candy can be so much than a kiddie treat—that is, if you take it seriously.

And for the country’s leading confectionery, candy is definitely a serious business: Candy Corner is hosting a banquet in Le Soufflé Rockwell Club to showcase candy creations inspired by Jelly Belly beans, the world’s #1 gourmet jelly bean. Ms. Bubu Andres, queen of the confectionery kingdom Candy Corner, is hosting the event where attendees toast with Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails, eat desserts inspired by true-to-life Jelly Belly flavors, and admire the edible table masterpieces bursting with color and texture.

“Candy Corner sees Jelly Belly as center-filled chewy candies that can be enjoyed by both children and adults,” says Bubu. “With a touch of creativity and imagination, they can be consumed in so many interesting ways—chewed as candy, drank as cocktail drinks, mixed with dessert recipes, and even displayed as edible table arrangements.”

Cool Mocktails and Cocktails
The candy-filled event begins with an assortment of Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails, sophisticated concoctions that give a sweet prelude of what’s more to come. Mocktails (non-alcoholic) flavors include Pineapple Banana Mocktail, Apple Cinnamon Mocktail, and Not a Piñacolada Mocktail. Meanwhile, Cocktails (alcoholic) are available in flavors like Berry Cosmopolitan, Gin Kiwi Watermelon, and Absolute Citron with Cantaloupe. Both Mocktails and Cocktails rival the most popular drinks in the metro’s party scene.

Candy Corner tapped the expertise of Ms. Lilli Anne Alcantara, Beverage Trainor and Mixologist of Cellar Dwellers, a group specializing in drink mixes, to create Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails that offer grown-ups a sweet twist to enjoying happy hour.

Delectable Designs and Decors
After enjoying the intoxicating flavors of Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails, guests are then ushered into a room adorned by colorful table accents made from Jelly Belly beans. These edible masterpieces are creations by Teddy Manuel, designer and stylist for Flowers & Events, who appreciates the novel potential of using candies as material for designing their décor.
“I am thrilled by the vision of Bubu Andres in using Jelly Belly as a table décor material,” admits Teddy. “The jelly beans come in a variety of colors and are quite easy on the eyes. Also, their small size is just right for making elaborate shapes and designs.”

The edible creations of Teddy are appropriate for many occasions—a children’s party, book launch, bridal shower, or even a wedding for couples who are young at heart. But for this event, they served as accents to a lavish banquet.

Upon close inspection, guests saw the craftsmanship in the décor pieces which were made of jelly belly candies. “Some of the table centerpieces can be made at home with some patience and, of course, a liking for yummy jelly beans,” says Teddy.

Saccharine Desserts and Sweet Mementos
A sumptuous meal deserves nothing less than a sweet culmination. Candy Corner pairs the Jelly Belly Mocktails and Cocktails with sumptuous desserts by Ms. Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto, Owner of Classic Confections. It allows guests to appreciate Jelly Belly desserts as a sugary finale to their meal. The dessert lineup includes cookies and cupcakes, which can bring any kind of celebration in full circle.

After an event, Jelly Belly beans can also serve as excellent party favors. They can be given out as souvenirs after parties, weddings, debuts, birthday bashes, and other special occasions. Friends and family who receive these Jelly Belly giveaways will find them adorable, sweet mementos that should be cherished for a long time.

A Sweeter World with Candy Corner
“By staging this event, we at Candy Corner stay true to our mantra of taking candies as serious business. From staple sweet munchies, we believe that we can elevate the status of Jelly Belly to a relevant confection for the most intimate occasions and the most festive gatherings,” notes Bubu.

Through its innovative showcase of Jelly Belly candy creations, Candy Corner is dispelling the notion that candy is just for kids. Because in fact, candies like Jelly Belly offer adults a delightful way to experience life—one filled with vibrant colors and sugary delight.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, the world’s #1 gourmet jelly beans are available at Candy Corner. Candy Corner outlets can be found in malls nationwide. For more information, you may call 632-7741, email at, or visit

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