Friday, June 6, 2008

Bratpack's Back-to-School Child

You know how they say the first week of school can determine your child's future? Well, with the right kind of bag it’s true.

Monday's child is fair of face
ACE Progrès knows that women nowadays are more than just a pretty face. That's why taking ACE's experience in function and durability, Progrès has been redesigned with the active, professional and style conscious women in mind. The Progrès line of bags that ranges from soft bags to trolley bags are a balance of fashionable elegance and safety plus reliability for women who are beautiful inside and out.

Tuesday's child is full of grace
Harmony, peace, and balance are elements, which are necessary to achieve a kind of dignity and grace that only the passing of time can yield. Using refined detailing that’s sober and elegant, Hedgren bags are fashionable but not to an excess. The Belgian brand's designs evoke a deep, multi-dimensional quality, that stands the test of time - being in fashion even after more than five years – against pervasively slick, saccharine and corporate style of bags.

Wednesday's child will fear no foe
In order to succeed in the game of life, you have to be willing to make bold and brave decisions. Rob Honeycutt, a bicycle messenger in San Francisco, spent his last $200 on a used Singer sewing machine, some fabric and buckles and came up with what is now known as one of the most successful messenger bag line – Timbuk2.

Thursday's child has far to go
“As I see it, here’s the bottom line. You and I have two choices when it comes to doing things: innovation or imitation. Yes, to imitate what the competition is doing carries fewer risks. But I believe the innovator is the one who will reap the rewards if he takes the more difficult path,” says Co-founder and Vice President of Global Public Relations for JanSport Skip Yowell whose unending perseverance has taken JanSport from a small business operating in a two-story transmission shop in Seattle to a 212, 000 square foot international company that sells several millions of backpack a year making it a certified international business and cultural phenomenon.

Friday's child is loving and giving
Spanish brand Vaho embodies the values of loving and giving, first, in their re-use of advertising banners to come up with bag designs that are environmentally friendly which they refer to as Trashion.

Saturday's child works hard for a living
Swiss brand Victorinox knows that you have to be tough as nails to survive the everyday grind. Starting out as a knife manufacturer the company exclusively supplies knives for the Swiss Army, Victorinox proved tough enough to branch out to manufacturing travel gear.

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe and happy in every way
The Sherpani creed of Breathe. Give. Stretch. Go. could very well be the answer to living a happy life:
• Breathe in and enjoy every moment.
• Take every opportunity to share your blessings and give something back.
• Stretch yourself mentally and physically to achieve balance and well-being.
• And above all else never stop moving.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Confirmed, I'm having a baby BOY!!!

This is really exciting, am having a baby boy..My girsl are so happy and of course, Marlon is so happy. At last, we 'll have another man in the so excited to see him...