Friday, September 26, 2008

Delivering Miguel

Weeks before my EDC (expected date of contraction), i experienced pre term labor. My OB asked me to take complete bed rest for a week . After a week, i returned to work. I was scheduled for my weekly OB check up, but pre-term contraction was consistent, it was hard for me to sleep and walk:( It was August 5, i decided to take a leave after my OB told me that i will be giving birth anytime soon. I was monitoring contractions then. First day (Aug. 5), labor pains were tolerable till the next day. August 6, I had contractions every 5 minutes but pain was still tolerable. I texted my OB and she advised me to go to the hospital so she can monitor. 930pm - My OB said my cervix is just 2cm open, so she gave me a shot to induce the contraction. at 1030pm, I was admitted. My doctor was asking my previous deliveries, I said "i gave birth twice easily, i never had instances like "My water bag broke" because my OB induced it." So,my OB prepared for my delivery. Water has been induced and I was transferred to another room and they put the monitoring belt around my belly to check my baby's heart beat. First check, my OB's assistant was having a difficulty determining the number of heartbeats, then he fix the strap around my belly to check again.. then I worried as he went out to call the doctor..My OB and another doctor came to me and asked if it's okay for me to have a C operation. I asked them why, they did not aswer me yet. they had me sign waiver and asked the nurse to call my husband. Then my OB approached me, my baby's heartbeat was so low (50beats/min), minimum should be 120. At that time, my husband, Marlon, were settling the downpayment for a normal delivery, he was not aware that i will be having a C operation. While the doctors were transferring me to the operating room, my OB told me that she cannot wait for my husband as she needs to save the baby...Oh God!,,this is serious...i was really nervous body was trembling in fear. Inside the operating room, there were ten people attending to me..they put a cover betweenmy body and face...had 2 epidural shots.. the first shot did not make me numb at all..i saw my OBs face staring at me and saying to the anesthesiologist to do it fast as she is worried about the baby...after 5 minutes, the operation was done..there was a gap before my baby Miguel cried..i was really afraid then...when i heard his crying voice, i said " Thank You po, thank you for saving him" and i cried when the nurse showed him to me...I can't believe it..I almost lost him.. I was waiting for a baby boy for a long time..after that i thank everyone in the room for saving my baby, even the guy attendant..I thank my OB for acting fast.

I woke up at 4am, i was still in recovery room. I asked the nurse to call Marlon. I cried again when Marlon came in. He showed me Miguel's photo from his phone...I had no voice then,so i just whispered to Marlon, how was the baby? he said Miguel is okay..

It was 8am that the nurse brought in Miguel to recovery room to latch.. I'm still in pain but i tried to breastfeed him and look at him..i said to myself.."I love you baby, I'm very happy to have you"...

When i was transferred to my room, Marlon shared that he cried when he knew that i was having C operation..he was afraid, and he didn't have anyone to share his fears that time. he even wanted to talk to the cigarette vendor, he was crying alone.

We waited to have a baby boy since then...the moment i knew that am having a baby boy, my husband and I was really very excited. But my experience of delivering him made me realize that anything can happen when giving birth..i thought it was just so easy because of previous deliveries i experienced.

I am very thankful that GOD gave me a healthy baby boy...I could not ask for more....this is realy what i was asking for..and HE gave it to me...God is so Good...