Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20 is National Thank You Day

Three years ago, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno with the help of course of Mayor Lim, declared October 20 as National Thank You day.  Same holiday was also pushed to be a national holiday by Congressman Villar and supported by Sen. Villar.  I think there is already a request to make this as an official celebration day of saying thank you's.  

Saying "thank you" is a very simple word yet so powerful and gratifying.  For some, you might not notice that you are forgetting to be thankful to people whom you think have touched and have been part of your (everyday) life, or as simple as opening the door for you, pouring the drink into your glass in a restaurant, offering a seat in MRT, etc.  There are a lot of things surrounding us whom we may ignore to say thank you.

Saying thank you gives smiles..and it even gives a reflection of your mood..syempre if you're masungit on a certain day, you dont normally say thank you ksi nga mainit ulo mo.

A simple thank you will make you feel good also. So try to say thank you to people who deserves to be thanked. and here's my thank you list:
1.  Thank you to Nanay Day (my baby boy's yaya) for treating my son as his own.
2.  Thank you to MY DAD and NANAY for reminding me always that I have a great job, and making me feel that they are proud of me.
3.  Thank you to my eldest daughter, Alyanna, for not having a boyfriend yet..THANK GOD!
4.  Thank you to my second daughter, Micaela, for always reminding  me of my "kapilyahan" when I was of her age...little alma talaga!
5.  of course, thank you to my one and only baby boy, MIGUEL, for making me smile and laugh everytime he greets me "MAMA" when I come home.
6.  Thank you to my Ate Lhet, for making abono of our meralco bills always, late payer ako:)

That's all for now... how about you, have you thanked someone today?

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