Saturday, February 18, 2012

I miss my No. 1 fan

It’s been 5 months since my dad left us.  And still I cry each time I think of him.  He’s my greatest fan.  I miss his sweet words to me, his reminders to me to lessen smoking and drinking.  My dad was very supportive, he congratulates me each time I get a promotion or any achievement.  He always make me feel how proud he is of me.  And when I have problems, I just have to cry to him without saying anything, I don’t need to explain or justify anything, he just listens and comforts me.  I miss my dad so much, I really feel that when he left, I lost a special part of me.  I really miss my dad, especially when I want to share something, to share what I feel, to share my anger, to share my fears.  He’s always the first person who takes care of me when I’m sick, he’s the first person who greets me on my birthday, Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s day. I still send messages thru text to my dad when I miss him, yes – I send messages to his old mobile number. 

I miss you so much Daddy!  I just hope I could always be your little girl who kisses you and touches your big tummy every morning. I miss the days that you carry me and hug me tight.  You always make me feel like your baby.........I love you daddy.

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