Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Job, My Career

I'm a social pr practitioner..that's it. I never imagined that this is the career for me.  When I was younger, gusto ko maging doctor (yeah, you heard it right, i wanted to be a doctor). but when I reached highschool, I changed my mind,  said I want to be an artist/painter. So I took a test in UST and had my examinations and actual drawing.   But I was not lucky then, the department said , mas mabuti ako sa masscom - my 2nd choice - so I take that as I failed the drawing test:(..
After that, I decided, I will take Marketing or Advertising to make use of my creativity - kung di ako mahusay sa drawing, at least sa strat/concept - babawi ako.

I took tests from a lot of Universities - Miriam, Holy Spirit, CE, La Salle, St. Scho, St. Paul Manila - then I chose St. Paul. I made a very good decision at this school (i think:) a lot I learned from my part time professors (they work in Pepsi, Nestle, SGV, Unilever and others).   di ko na ikwento ha kung bakit ako lumipat sa Letran - (sneak:  had to transfer to another school after giving birth to my first na)

The pr agency I am connected to right now is the 2nd "serious" job that I have.  Mind you, Social Marketing is not easy, it's very challenging but it  changed the way I see and approach life. I believe I can do more, I can do great things..and I can do well.   and that's why I'm sharing 2 photos as "PROOF"...It's almost lunchtime and I have to finish 2 media plans and then I saw these photos..and I want to share it, simple things can really make you feel great...

to give you a background:

Kraft 2007 Global IMC Award - Global Winner:  It was the first National Thank You Day in 2007 , my first ever biggest event after Lovapalooza 2007. October 20 - National Thank You Day was recognized by Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim together Vice Mayor Isko Moreno as an official day of saying Thank you.  The Villars (Cong. Villar and Senator Villar) even pushed it to be declared as National Holiday:) 3rd National Thank You Day will be celebrated this year again brought to you by Kraft:)

Wordl Record Attempt -I was part of History 2009:  the first biggest event of Kraft Eden, beating the previous record of India in displaying the most number of Cheese in one day and in one venue..The origin of Cafe 5845

how about you? are you proud/happy on your job/career?


  1. of course i am happy, i learned from the best! ;-) thanks to you Alma Mother! i miss you!

  2. Mother, I'm all out in saying that I'm not. haha But hey, so proud of you. I learned a lot from you. Thank you for your teaching me a lot of things, for your patience, effort, understanding, at lahat na. haha
    So continue with what you're doing because you're good at it. Continue to be strong, because you are. And continue to touch lives, because in a way, you touched mine. :)


  3. Thanks Joycee and Mikobelles..i miss you both!!!