Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The EDSA 1 revolution 25 years ago

I was 9 years old when the EDSA revolution happened 25 years ago. Honestly, our family was PRO-Marcos because our family belong to Ilocanos clan. Our family believed that he is intelligent, willing to uplift the lives of the Filipinos. I would heard my mom saying that Imelda was one of the major cause of downfall of Marcos leadership. I still remember the time when Manila Film Center were rushed to be built and a lot of construction workers died and were buried because digging them up from the rubbles will delay the construction which will affect the "bonggang" launch event. Imelda was the PR side of Marcos regime, she should invite a lot of prominent people, investors and ministries to visit the Philippines and attend her events.

Maybe, it was not just Marcos who were greedy that time..Maybe he was not that bad.I remember our dollar exchange rate 1USD = Php8..I think his cabinet members were abusive too. I dont know, I was just 9 years old then...

let's revisit the story of EDSA...


  1. Hmmm... I definitely remember those times... I was 9 years old as well... Hayssss...

    Indeed, F. Marcos was truly a genius by any standard. But he had qualities more effective and profiting than just brains - a will of steel, unflinching resolve and a passion for planning.

    Idol ko siya but I never voted for him.

  2. i was 8 years old during the edsa revolution.
    i didnt know whats happening. marcos is my idol that time, bec. he is our president and powerful. i saw him on tv many times. then i noticed that many people are angry and curse him when they saw marcos on tv.

    but greatest thing is that...marcos wave at me during his parade with imelda in gov. forbest st. sampaloc manila. he even told me to go at the back of the float to get a phil. flag, hats and some freebies... it was a great moment for me to see marcos talk to me behind a large crowd that flashes all kinds of fingers and thumbs down signs.

    it was a sign for me not to rip a flag of the phil. infront of the president. it was weird. bec. marcos uses the phil. flag, so if you have one, you are a loyalist. im not just 8 years old at that time.

    everything went weirder when cory won the election....and also.i didnt even know ninoy aquino that time... i just figured out whats happening after cory sat down as our new president.