Friday, March 4, 2011

March is International Women's Month

I always think that being a woman is not an easy task..SHE could be a Mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend and a wife. I am ALL of those. First I am a daughter - the fave daughter of Juanito "Boy" Cala who brought me up to be a loving person:) and of course my "nanay" Anita Cala who have taught me on how to be strong and independent; Second, I'm a sister to my 5 siblings, lucky me to have loving kuyas and ate who always take care of me and see me as their baby sister always. I am a friend - to Buddies, to my St.Paul college peeps, to my GMCI family;) the most important of all, I am a mom of 3 to my priceless - Miguel, Mayca and Alyanna. These people, especially my kids and family, are the main reasons why I take care of myself, why I protect myself from sickness. I dont want them to worry about me because I'm always the "fun" buddy.

I chose to be protected from illness especially from Cervical Cancer - which is the most vaccine preventable disease. Come to think of it, we - women - should protect ourselves first before we take care of other people especially if we want to take care of our kids forever. How about you? have you protected yourself from cervical cancer?

Celebrate this month by protecting yourself from cervical cancer:)

the Vaccine!

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  1. I'm done with the vaccine already. I took the final shot in November (I think so) last year. It's really good to be protective than suffer the consequences later in life.

    Great post, Ms. Alma--very informative!