Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The reason why I MOVE...

You might be asking why I join MOVE events - Step Up Against Pneumonia. It is because, we had someone from our family (my nephew) who is a victim of IPD (Invasive Pneumococcal Disease) and is now suffering from its complication (Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis E). He was just 3months when had pneumonia, then had german measles after a fews days while still in the Hospital. I remembered that we had to do the baptism inside his room, because we've been moving the baptism many times so my sister decided to push thru with it.

My nephew is as young as my daughter (Micaela), they were playmates, they were classmates in Pre-School, they play internet games together, they even danced during Mayca's 6th Birthday - the last dance he did with his cousins, but he did not finish Grade 1 - that is when his body started to deteriorate (physically and mentally). We witnessed how fast he changes, forgetting our names, nadadapa, nabubulol and now he cant speak and even sit on his own. This is really painful especially for my sister. It took us time to find out what the disease is, and how will it be cured.

If there was IPD vaccine available 10 years ago, we could have prevented the disease that my nephew got, an incurable disease :(

That's why I MOVE - and will continue to MOVE to help spread awareness how serious the disease is and it is preventable by a vaccine.

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