Friday, July 22, 2011

My Miguel and UmiZoomi

It's been two months since I last posted here in my blog. I decided to post what happened yesterday, yes - YESTERDAY was a scary day. My baby boy had an accident at home and he was rushed to the hospital. He got wounds in his forehead and it needs to be stitched ---ooooouuuuucccchhhhh!!

I immediately followed to the hospital to check my baby - he looked okay, he's not crying anymore, he was able to play while waiting for the surgeon. But when his Doctor arrived, and started to stitch his wounds, he cried very hard :(

When we went home, I asked Julianne (our househelp) what happened, she said Miguel was watching cartoons when he asked for milk. So the yaya prepared milk and Miguel went off bed and started to jump like Team UmiZoomi..and there...he hit his forehead so bad that cause 4 stitches!

Oh My Miguel...we should stop watching flying characters .... you made mama worry too much...

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