Friday, September 23, 2011

My letter to Daddy Boy

Dear Dad,

I am and will forever be thankful to God for giving you as our father. You've been a very loving father to all of us and to your APOs. I know that you know how much I love you, and how much you will be missed by our family. Alam mo Dad, you somehow prepared me before you left. From the time you whispered your last words, your goodbye to me, somehow I realize na siguro inadya mo talaga na ako mag-asikaso ng bills, funeral arrangements, death certificates, etc. I really feel sad Daddy, remember you asked me 2 days before you left? "kung okay lang ba ako?" and I said "Yes, Ako pa!" and you replied - "oo kaya mo yan, Matapang k naman" and you kissed me... yun na pala last conversation natin. Also, the next day, niyakap kita but you did not hug me back, I should have been more sensitive, I should have felt that there is something wrong, I could have brought you to hospital earlier. But that's how it is, I think, God has his own reasons and I shouldn't question HIM.

Dad - thank you.. these are the words that I kept saying to you and to myself. Thank you for the LOVE you have shown us, to Mommy and to your Apo's. Please guide our family - especially si Mommy (promise -di ko na sya aawayin), si Kuya Jo, Ate Lhet, Kuya Alex, Kuya Allan, Kuya Arnel at si Karl.

I may not have my own perfect family , but I know that you are proud of me and you support my decision. Salamat dad ha, for always believing in me. Salamat sa lahat. I will not be tired of saying thank you and I Love You even if you're gone.

I still cry when I think of you, ksi Dad, namimiss talaga kita. But I know, the pain will be over soon.


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