Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#ALMbisyosa Guesting Series: Nix, Charl and Miko fabs!

I just realized that I have the original #ALMbisyosa ladies who used to work in GMCI - now, even if they are away , they are still close to my heart.  I miss these girls.

#ALMbisyosa Guest no. 1:  Czarina Mae "Miko"  J. Cabuyadao 
Account Executive LEWIS PR - Global Communications
2 Havelock Road, #03-03 Singapore 059763

#ALMbisyosa Guest no. 2:  ANIKA C. PUNZALAN
Marketing Manager
Costa del Hamilo, Inc.

#ALMbisyosa Guest No. 3:  Charl Sapina
Marketing Manager
Aloha Boardsports

I miss you Ladies:)

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