Tuesday, November 13, 2012

and the #ALMbisyosa is back!

Almost two months had passed.  I left the job I enjoyed for 9 1/2 years, and I pushed myself to move on to take a new leap.  The leap was more than I expected, a lot of great opportunities came:) a lot of people were surprised and happy.

I stopped posting for awhile because of Instagram and also, I focused on doing other things.

Since it's been awhile that I haven't posted here, I am sharing some of what I 've been doing for the past few weeks.. Ciao!

 Weekend attire

 TFS Macau Cocktail Party

 HK Daytrip

Macau by night. 

at McSorley's - Mexican lunch:) 

TFS Macau First Day 

 Meet me at the clock..

With Vittorio and Mica 

with Alyanna 

Close Up 

 wiht Mica




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