Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#ALMbisyosa Series: Gray and Gray

I love that I bought a lot of wardrobe last year that I can still use now.  I stick to have almost 50% classics in my closet, 30% prints and 20% trendy.  For shoes - I always have the basics but I have plenty - as in more than 20 pairs!

This is the season of attending Christmas parties and staying late night.  The agony of waking up early in the morning to report for work is a pain in the ________, don't you agree.  if I could just sleep all day and party at night - that would be awesome . 

Today, we'll have another Christmas party with the Sales Team and for sure, it's gonna be so fun and we will all get boozed!  Since I need to recharge , I decided not to wear heels and skirt - and dress comfortably and wear safe colors. Here you go!

 Pearl Earrings:  gift from Amor

 Light Gray Jacket:  SM
Dark Gray Jumpsuit:  HK

 LV Bag from Sunny


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